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Staging Your Home To Sell

1. Drive up to your home and try to see it through a buyers eyes. As someone drives up to
your home, they determine whether or not they will even consider it. Look for signs of neglect or
clutter. The first step to selling your home is to get buyers inside. Create a grand entry by
trimming grass and unruly shrubs. Adding a planter with flowers and polishing hardware will add
to the appeal.
2. Once inside, imagine that you are seeing the home for the first time. Do you see the home or
collection, clutter, photos, ect. Try to showcase your home in a way that makes someone want to
live there. A buyer needs to be able to visualize themselves living in your home. That can be
difficult with your collections and photos. De‐personalize your spaces. Pack up family photos,
trophies, plaques, and memorabilia. Buyers tend to get distracted by photos and often feel as if
they’re invading the private domain of the current home owner. It can make them feel
uncomfortable and lead them to spend less time in your house and making it harder for a buyer to
visualize living there.
3. Edit your furnishings. Rearrange furniture, remove furniture that overstuffs a room. There
should be enough furniture in place to suggest proper scale and capacity, but not so much that it
hinders traffic flow and architectural features are obscured. Remember the rule of threes when
decorating and limit wall decorations to a few larger pieces and strategically placed mirrors that
expand your space. Buyers tend to only spend about 7‐10 minutes in a home and decide if it is the
one they want to buy. So any collections or knickknacks that distract them from remembering the
property should be put away. It also keeps your collections safe from accidents during showings.
4. Deep clean. Your home should sparkle, it shows buyers that it is well cared for and in good
shape. Clean windows so you can open all curtains and blinds to let the light in. Banish odors from
pets, cooking, smoking, ect.
5. Choose a neutral color scheme.
6. Don’t forget your garage. Clean and de‐clutter your garage and park in it.
7. Replace burnt out light bulbs and give the light fixtures a good cleaning while you are there.
8. When you’re preparing the property for sale you want to be sure not to turn even one
potential buyer away. Books and music can tell a story about who you are. So put away any books,
political or religious books, magazine collections, cds that might influence a buyer. Any hardcover
books that you use for showcasing, take off the dust jackets.
9. Clean out closets, store any clothing that is not for the current season. Make your closets and
cabinets seem as though there is more than enough room.
10. De‐clutter everything. Counter tops in the kitchen, bathrooms, night stands, office, coffee
tables should have the bare essentials on them. And then make sure they are very clean, no dust,
toothpaste spots, ect. Clear refridgerator fronts of messages, magnets, pictures, ect.