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Lifestyle of Teton Valley Idaho and Wyoming

Huckleberries Anyone?

Not everybody has heard of huckleberries. In Teton Valley we are fortunate enough to have plenty of huckberry bushes. Huckleberries make some of the best jam, milkshakes, cheesecakes, syrup, well, I could go on and on. If you are the one doing the picking, look forward to purple fingers.:) Below, the image is jam in progress.

4-H Fun Night at the Driggs Fairgrounds

Teton County Idaho and Wyoming are proud to have one of the best 4-H programs around. It takes an abundance of volunteers and very motivated kids to make this program work.
Many skills are hewned and lifelong passions found during the years spent at 4-H.

Did I mention that everyone also has a really great time?

How often do you get to see a horse fly across a football field with a beautiful girl in a headdress on its back? Well, it happens in Driggs, Idaho. Teton Redskins mascot, Cheyenne Wilcox leads the players out on the field in true style at the home games. One more reason to show school spirit in Teton Valley and come out to the games to show support.




 Baby Moose Rescue

While floating the Teton River a few years ago, we came upon a set of moose twins that could not climb the bank. They were tiring and laying down in the water with their heads just above the surface. Their mother was with them, but seemed to understand that she needed help. Mother moose moved away and Harley Wilcox and Michael Walters began operation save baby moose.

When we float the river, it is a common occurance to see plenty of moose. I like to think that we see the ones we saved. 🙂