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Huckleberry Jam from Teton Valley Idaho

Huckleberries Anyone?

For a few weeks, every year  in Teton Valley, many go on a treasure hunt. Huckleberries are a prize possession and many guard their picking spot! Purple fingers are a sure sign that someone has been busy picking huckleberries.

Most Americans have heard of them in some obscure way but you almost have to live in the northwestern United States to see that they are very real products of nature. The huckleberry belongs to the same family of fruits as blueberries, but huckleberries only grow properly at altitudes starting around 2,000 feet above sea level. Despite ongoing research no one has yet found a way to cultivate huckleberries for agricultural production.

Huckleberries make some of the best jam, syrup, cheesecakes, muffins, the list is endless. If you are ever in Victor, stop into the Emporium for their world famous huckleberry milkshakes.

Below, the image is jam in progress.