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Biking in Teton Valley Idaho Driggs Victor and Tetonia


Enjoy the outdoors in Driggs, Victor and Tetonia, Idaho. The many trails on the west side of the Teton Mountain Range easily lure avid mountain bikers. The Big Holes offer challenging and forgiving rides. Take a look at the local maps at Teton Valley Trails and Pathways.



Ricks Basin at Targhee Ski Resort in Alta, Wyoming


Aspen Trail

This is a popular out-and-back trail through aspen forest in the foothills of the Tetons. You can start riding from either the north or south end; either way, there are a few small hills and stream crossings but no long climbs. The whole trail is 5 miles one-way, but you can turn around at any time. This option, along with the lack of significant obstacles, makes this trail a good choice for a group of mixed-skill riders, or for a first ride in the area. Be on the lookout for hikers, horses, and dogs on this trail, and remember that they have the right-of-way.

Horseshoe Loops

Teton Valley’s primary is located about 10 minutes west of downtown Driggs in Horseshoe Canyon. These fun and flowing singletrack trails are well-maintained, well-ridden, and not to be missed! There are seven trails here in the foothills of the Big Hole Mountain Range, weaving between open sagebrush flats and spruce/fir forest. Ride them individually, or link them up in any number of combinations to create up to 2 or 3 hours of riding. You can ride any (or all!) of them in both directions, finding a handful of short but pushy climbs and fast, curvy downhills. Beginners might walk a few logs and bridges here but will still have plenty of fun; more advanced riders will enjoy the obstacles and giggle down the fast sections.

Mill Creek

A short and fun out-and-back trail on the way up to Grand Targhee Resort. Mill Creek Trail leaves from the first Teton Canyon parking lot and climbs up through aspen forest to the resort border. The climb is continuous but completely rideable. At the cattle fence, turn around and see how long it takes you to reverse your tracks…probably not long! The downhill is fun and fast with occasional rocky sections – you’ll remember them from the way up. When you’re done, make sure to hang out in the lot and enjoy the beautiful view of the Grand Teton.

Pole Canyon

A scenic wooded trail near downtown Victor, Pole Canyon is a challenging but rewarding ride. It starts with a evenly-graded, challenging two-track climb….that keeps on going and going (1700 feet in 2 miles!). It’s a doable hill for some, but most riders will walk a section or two. Eventually it turns to singletrack and takes the rider up to some grand views of the surrounding Teton, Palisade, and Big Hole Mountains before a ripping downhill two-track back to the valley and a ride back to the starting point on a dirt road – a 9 mile ride in total.

South Fork Horseshoe

This trail has been the recipient of years of hard work by volunteer trail builders – and it shows. South Fork Horseshoe is the best trail to access the Big Hole Mountain Range. It is a long and steady climb (about 4 miles) from the parking lot to the high point on the ridge – not for the faint of heart! The good news is that thanks to recent efforts between the USFS and TVTAP, it’s all rideable if you’ve got the legs and lungs for it. And once you get up you have two options – let’ er rip down the way you came up, or head deeper into the Big Holes on any number of other trails.

Mahogany Creek

Combined with South Fork Horseshoe, Mahogany Creek Trail makes a great loop that includes a big climb, a big downhill, a few miles of road, and a lot of scenery. Riding up it is really only for the serious hike-a-bike masochists, but it makes a great downhill, passing through steep woods and then into a creekbed known for moose sightings. The USFS and TVTAP are in the middle of multiple rerouting projects here, so be heads-up for new sections of trail.

Red Creek

Red Creek is a super fun summer ride. With about 10 creek crossings (yep, dogs love it), two healthy climbs, a screaming singletrack downhill, a two-track whoop-di-woo downhill and awesome wildflowers, it’s got everything you need for a good half-day ride. It’s a cherry-stem trail, accessed from the Spooky Trail on the west side of the Pine Creek Pass Road (Hwy 31). There are enough rocks and logs to keep even advanced riders on their toes, and depending on the water levels, the creek crossings can be fun ride-throughs or equally fun (but very wet) wades. Lots of volunteer hours on this trail have made it one of the valley’s best.

Big Hole Crest Trail

This is not a trail so much as it is an experience. The Big Hole Crest Trail is definitely fits the definition of an “Epic Ride” – that should just about sum it up! Generally done from north to south, riders access the crest from the South Fork Horseshoe Trail (see above). After that, there is still more climbing up to scenic Elk Flat. From there, the navigation can be a bit challenging as you access the Garns Mountain Trail, then Big Hole Crest Trail proper, which is a mix of singletrack, two-track, and 4-wheeler road. You’ll see motos and 4-wheelers on this ride, along with views in all directions as you make your way down to Pine Creek Pass an the south end of the Big Hole Mountain Range via the Corral Creek and Spooky Trails. Take lots of food and water, equipment to deal with mechanicals and a spirit of adventure and you’ll be well rewarded for your 4500′ of elevation gain!

North and South Canyon Creeks

Another big ride in the Big Hole Mountains. Remember, locals say that if you’re not pushing your bike, you’re not riding in the Big Holes. There’s some pushing to be done on this ride, but there are also some sweet sections of flowy and fast downhill riding. The creek drainages are beautiful, and the view from Relay Ridge (yep, the one you see from town with the radio towers on it) is spectacular. Get up there via the South Fork Horseshoe Trail, and come down the same, or try the Mahogany Trail to mix it up. Don’t underestimate this ride – you’re out there a ways once you crest the ridge and head into the creek drainages on the other side. Make sure there is beer waiting for you in the truck!

Rick’s Basin

Rick’s Basin is the wintertime X-C ski area at Grand Targhee Resort, making it a great beginner/intermediate mountain biking area in the summer. These loop trails are at an elevation of 8000 feet, and when the wildflowers are peaking, the rolling singletrack through the meadows is gorgeous. Trails are well-signed and smooth, and the resort base area is never more than a mile or so away.

Targhee and Teton Pass Downhill Trails

Sheep Bridge

The Sheep Bridge trail is a great short trail in Teton Canyon for novice riders and families and is an easy scenic singletrack trail to enjoy. This trail leaves from the first Teton Canyon parking lot. From there it heads south to cross Teton Creek via a wooden bridge, and then due east towards the Grand Teton, meandering along the creek for a couple of miles. Go as far as you would like, and then turn around and come back to the lot.

Darby Canyon Road, Mt. Manning Road, Horseshoe Canyon Road

These are all gravel roads in the area that folks like to bike on. Great for beginners, or families looking to accommodate a variety of skill levels. All have occasional traffic, but are forested and scenic.

Tetonia to Ashton Rail Trail

This abandoned railroad grade offers a recently completed rail trail through the north end of Teton Valley. The trail is a hard packed gravel surface suitable for most bikes. You will be rewarded with awesome scenery, huge refurbished railroad trestles, bald eagles, rolling farm fields, deep river canyons, easy grades, incredible views of the Teton Mountain Range, and 35 miles of western history.

And Many More!

Go to the bike shops, ask around, befriend the locals, and explore on your own. Your are sure to find what you are looking for in Teton Valley!